Alpha Shane, Human Mate

Alpha Shane, Human Mate

Raven Writer

33.7k Words / Ongoing


“Do you take Shane Medes, Great and mighty Alpha King, leader of the blood moon pack to be your lawful wedded mate?” Lauren coaxed her words, holding a book in her hand.
“Yes.” I smiled, the butterflies in my belly started to dance as I looked at the Alpha king in his face.
“Now, your turn Shane.” Lauren darted her eye at him, “do you take Harley Steven, this ordinary human, a lowlife and outcast from her family to be your lawfully wedded Luna and mate?”
I look at Shane waiting for his reply in anticipation. I have always wanted this day to come. To finally get married to Shane, just as the moon goddess has promised.
“Yes! I would till death separates us.” He pulled me by my waist, my belly hitting his. He raised my chin with his hand, his lips curly to a kiss, and he…

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