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Bought by the Billionaire Prince

Bought by the Billionaire Prince

A few things to consider before joining the Royal family:
1. This will be a real marriage;
2. I will not force myself upon you;
3. You will never cheat on me, or you’ll suffer;
4. I will never grant you a divorce.
Are you sure you're ready to be my queen?
She's a college student, trying to save her sister. He's the Prince of Estrea, trying to save his family. Together, they discover the true meaning of love and sacrifice....
College student Ari Douglas just learned that her sister, Henley, has leukemia. As the daughters of a single mother with no insurance, they don't have many options or hope. Then a friend tells Ari about AmericanMate, an elite modern matchmaking service. With no other options and needing cash quickly, she applies to the service.
Former playboy Prince Grayson Pierce of Estrea is tired of women wanting him for his money and title. Having just suffered a very public breakup, Grayson is through with love. At the urging of his best friend and wanting to settle down, Grayson decides to go through AmericanMate. But he has just one catch: He's in it for life. There has never been a divorice in the long line of succession of the monarchy... ever.
After just one meeting on the Internet and with no other options to help her sister, Ari agrees, But she has to be at the altar in Estrea in three days. Now, with a shadow cast over the realm and the ticking clock of her sister's illness, can two hearts sacrificing for the good of their families find love in each other? Or will their marriage be the ultimate sacrifice? In this heartwarming tale of love and loss, two hearts discover the true meaning of love, family, and sacrifice in Bought by the Billionaire Prince.
Opposites Attract
Simply His

Simply His

Meadow is an average woman having a less than average day. Things are going wrong for her in a profound way; her boss wanted her to work extra on a Saturday when she had a regular visit to her Mother’s grave, the weather is gray and a storm threatens to make her visit worse, her spirit is low and she feels helpless.
Little does she know, the events of this visit will be the turning point of her life. Meadow is about to be confronted with the supernatural on a level she has never ever expected. Almost every aspect of Her life will change due to her chance meeting with the Man she was not even looking for.
If you enjoy stories about Shape Shifters, Faye, Demons and all manner of nonhuman creatures, you will enjoy this new view of the supernatural, told from an original and unique perspective.
Bárbara A. Insfrán B. is EGlobal Creative Pubilshing signed author who's from a small city in Paraguay, Latin America, where she lives with her family and works part-time as an educator. She dedicates her free time to writing about the intriguing fictional world she has created; where she blends mysticism with eroticism and romance. She writes in English and her native Spanish, although most of her books are written in English. She loves to sit down and write without much planned, since her stories take shape on their own in front of her as she types them.
Supernature Earth
Under The Full Moon

Under The Full Moon

“Her body was glued to his, and their faces were so close that she felt intoxicated by his eyes.
His scent was making her think about things she didn’t want to think.
“I don’t know if I’m offended by you not remembering if we did something, or if I’m flattered that you thought about this possibility.”
Selena’s mind was in chaos. While her head was telling her to back off, her heart was beating so fast, making her want to end that distance between them with her lips.
But while she was struggling with that, Lucas was more successful in making a faster decision.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I can take it anymore.” he whispered.
And with one hand, he grabbed her neck and pulled her towards him, giving her a very passionate kiss.”
Selena doesn’t know she’s the werewolf in the Moon’s prophecy, but when she’s twenty years old, she starts to discover new powers that she doesn’t know how to control.
Her abusive father also tells her that she is engaged with some Alpha she’s never even met.
To make things even more complicated, she meets Lucas, a very handsome but provocative werewolf, who always annoys herand leaver her with mixed feelings for him.
While Selena is trying to understand how her life had turned upside down, dark forces are gathering behind the scenes, plotting against her.
Will she be able to fulfill the Moon’s prophecy and her destiny?
The Under The Full Moon is created by Rafaella Dutra, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Alpha's Prisoner

The Alpha's Prisoner

“I don’t get why you would hide from me.”
“What do you want?”
“I honestly don’t know how you can want to run away from this.” he whispered before pulling her head against him and claiming her mouth with his.
Violet is sent on a mission to find Jack Morde, the leader of the Rebels pack. But unforeseen twists lie ahead and she can't imagine what is waiting for her.
When she becomes his prisoner, Violet starts to realize that maybe what she heard about the enemies of the Diamond Pack wasn't exactly what it seemed.
Is she going to give up on her life and her family to seek her future and destiny? Or will she try to escape from Jack’s mansion and do what she had to do in the first place?
The Alpha's Prisoner is created by Rafaella Dutra, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Bound to the Billionaire Playboy

Bound to the Billionaire Playboy

My name is Henley Douglas.
I survived leukemia, and fell in love with the doctor who delivered the news.
Now, he wants to marry me.
In exchange, he will give me everything… except his love.
He gave his heart to one woman who shattered it long ago.
Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces.
Five years ago, my sister, Ari, married Prince Grayson of Estrea in an arranged marriage.
Now, neither could imagine their lives without the other.
Will my arranged marriage be the same?
Or will it end in disaster, leaving me shattered, as well?
Can I marry and give my love to a man who may never love me?
Will he love me, too… one day?
Or am I condemned to live in a loveless marriage, a gilded prison?
Maybe I can love enough for both of us.
Or maybe it will destroy me.
Only time will tell.
Continuation of Bought by the Billionaire Prince by Theresa Oliver.
Bound to the Billionaire Playboy is created by Theresa Oliver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Age Gap
The Alpha’s Vengeance

The Alpha’s Vengeance

“That smart mouth is going to get you in trouble some day, Lily.”
“What kind of trouble?” I just can’t help myself, it's too much fun getting under his skin. He moves closer to me.
“The kind you can’t get out of,” his voice is laced with a prom-ise that sends a shiver down my spine. But I’m feeling brave and I enjoy challenging him, against my better judgement. I close the distance between us so that we are almost touching.
“Is that so?”
Lila used to be consumed by one thing and one thing only: finding the Rogue wolves that killed her family and having her revenge. But now, with the alluring and intoxicating presence of Alpha Derek in her life, her mind becomes occupied with a burning passion for a man who has sworn to protect her.
As Rogue attacks on her adopted pack increase, Lila will have to decide where her heart belongs: with her lost family or the man who has promised her his mind, body, and soul.
Hiding Her Blush

Hiding Her Blush

Sandra is an aspiring celebrity hair and makeup artist who was driven out of the entertainment industry by a celebrity who took advantage of her. When her friends invite her to a club frequented by people in the industry, she does a transformation with her makeup and hair so that no one will recognize her. At the party, she meets her dream man. The next day, she gets a job interview. Things are looking up—until she discovers the CEO of her company is the man from the club. And the best and worst part—he doesn’t recognize her.
Can Sandra overcome her enemies to achieve her dream? Or will she be forced to choose between her career and the man she loves?
Hiding Her Blush is created by Natalya Patolot, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Finding Her Lost Mate

Finding Her Lost Mate

Listening to the advice of her parents, Emma gives up her true love and marries Lucien, a cold and cruel Alpha. Five years later, Emma comes face to face with Dex, the man she cruelly abandoned, though he promised her his heart. Now an Alpha, Dex finds himself drawn back to Emma, though he doesn’t want to be hurt again. Will Emma have the strength to leave her marriage and find happiness…or will dangerous forces once again separate the star crossed lovers?
He took another step towards him, glancing past him to the banquet room. No one had noticed her out here except Dex.
He didn’t move away from her. She was either testing the waters or playing a dangerous game.
She put a hand on Dex’s chest. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t move. He looked down at her, but she couldn’t see his expression. His body language didn’t ask her to move away so she went up on her toes and planted a sweet kiss on his lips.
He tasted as she remembered. Man. Wolf. Mate. When she was about to break contact, he put his hand on the back of her head and deepened the kiss. Her mind began to swirl out of control. She re-membered the passion between them. She remembered the friend-ship. She remembered it all.
Worse, she now knew what she’d given up to please her parents.
Finding Her Lost Mate is created by Chris Redding, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Kira Hatfield, the unluckiest woman in the world, is about to get dropped into the realm of the strange and weird.
While running from her fear of the dark, Kira literally trips over her best friend’s murder, except it’s not a person, it’s the darkness itself. Kira battles between what she saw and her perception of reality. Slowly, the world around her starts to change pulling her deeper into this unseen world.
She finds out she has two guardians that have saved her life many times, one a demon and one an angel. Tensions rise as her guardians fight over her, but everything is not as it seems. Together they help her realize her true nature while she finds a way to save her best friend.
Author Bio: Ava Altair is EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author, who grew up reading fantasy and science fiction novels.
She graduated from Florida Tech with a BS in Science Education – Physics and a minor in Computational Mathematics. She taught as an AP Physics teacher for five years in Florida.
She now lives in Oregon, teaching horseback riding lessons and managing the stables.
My Loyal Alpha

My Loyal Alpha

She reached a hand out to Bruce and said, “I thought I was your mate.”
Bruce turned his back on her and scratched at his eyes. Silvana could feel the pressures he was facing and only wanted to help.
“I think we’re stronger than the obstacles around us,” Silvana said, her voice distorted by sobs.
“As much as I want to be with you, Silvana, we need to end this for your safety.”
Silvana watched the rain turn the grass under her feet muddy.
“Is that how you really feel?” she asked.
But before Bruce could offer his heart’s secrets to the woman he loved, crimson lighting struck between the two of them. Silvana and Bruce blasted backwards and tumbled into the mud.
Standing before them was a red, cackling spirit made of lightning. She wore wolfskin clothes and waved a hand.
Scarlet lightning wolves howled, then attacked Bruce and Silvana.
My Loyal Alpha is created by Samuel Rust, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Her Unwelcome Mate

Her Unwelcome Mate

Ran shook her head. "You act really well,' she grumbled brusquely. 'Too well.'
'You too,' he said and smiled indulgently for good measure. 'If you keep making such advances, I'll be seduced for real.'
The Beta of Eridanus leaned away from him and frowned.
'Just reminding you that I will consider every interaction between us a part of our arrangement. Don't get involved with me. I don't like men like you.'
Caph examined the serious expression on her face and fell into the endless depths of her dark gaze. He reached out one hand to tuck a strand of black hair behind her ear.
Where his fingers touched her skin, it burned.
She leaned as far back as she could.
'Aren't you the one who's getting confused?'
Ran is the daughter of the Alpha, but, after losing both her parents in an attack by rogue wolves, her uncle takes over the pack as Regent Alpha until she is of age. Ran is determined to become sole Alpha, but her uncle gives her an ultimatum: marry a man who can become Alpha, or hand over power to him. To fool her uncle, Ran makes a deal with Caph, the freewheeling fourth son of an ancient pack—pretend to be engaged until she turns 21.
Caph agrees, hoping to use the fake engagement to escape scrutiny from his parents and continue his carefree lifestyle. But things get complicated when they realize they are bonded to each other as mates…
Her Unwelcome Mate is created by Rowyrn Kafka, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Alpha's Companion

The Alpha's Companion

"Why do you want me as your mate?" Lacy asked sweetly.
He returned her sweet smile. "I don't... yet." He let out a long, slow breath and looked deeply into her eyes. "I want to try out the merchandise first." Then in one swift movement, he threw her over his shoulder and headed toward the stairs.
Everyone laughed and parted the way for Julien. He held her over his shoulder with one arm going up the stairs with Lacey screaming the whole way. "Let go of me, you brute! Let me go!"
He stopped halfway up the stairs. "Shut up unless you want me to throw you over."
Lacey gasped. "You wouldn't!"
"Try me," he said, and Lacey could hear the smile in his voice.
"Uggh!" Lacey groaned as he started back up the stairs.
"Which way to her room?" Julien asked someone at the top of the stairs.
"Oh, no you are not!" Lacey resumed beating against his back.
"Oh, yes I will!" Julien yelled, walking purposefully down the hallway as everyone moved aside. Then he kicked open her door, threw her onto the bed, and then closed and locked it.
Lacey Taregan is tired of her family treating her poorly. A warrior in her own right, she longs for acceptance and respect.
Julien Grey is the Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack … the most powerful in the world. He gave his heart once and doesn’t intend to give it again… ever.
In a clash of pride and power, can two head-strong shifters let down their guards and open their hearts? Or will their alliance be their downfall?
The Alpha's Companion is created by Theresa Oliver, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Alpha's Weakness

The Alpha's Weakness

Cole Grey, the fearsome leader of a powerful werewolf clan, insists that having a mate would weaken him and swore off the idea…until he received a bride – the feisty, rule-breaking Dove Summers.
Dove Summers is a curse to her pack. Bullied and ostracized, she finds strength in the Moon Goddess and swears to a life of a priestess, serving the deity. But to save her father’s life, she becomes the unwilling bride of the clan’s leader and enters a new life that forces her to turn her back on the Moon Goddess.
While Dove tries to save the souls of the Whispering Moon Pack, she will unknowingly melt the icy heart of her striking husband and discover a passion that she never knew existed.
The Alpha's Weakness is created by Noko Simkin, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Alpha's Reluctant Mate

The Alpha's Reluctant Mate

I knocked on Zander’s door, and he stood there shirtless. I tried to look away but found my eyes drawn to his six-pack abs. Ash had some muscle but not like that. I was tempted to touch Zander’s abs to see how they’d feel.
Stop thinking like that. I put my hands in my pockets and resisted what my heart wanted.
“If you take a picture it’ll last longer princess,” Zander told me teasingly.
“I wasn’t staring at your abs.” I covered my mouth with my hands. Then I quickly added, “I actually came here to talk to you about something.”
He said, “Now what do you want to tell me?”
“I’ve got a plan to get my phone back. I need your help still.”
He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Does my help involve kissing you again?” Zander moved a step closer to me and said, “I’ll kiss you again if I have to."
Future Alpha Cleo Sharpe believes that she has it all: an amazing future, a devoted pack, and a handsome fiancé. She is horrified to learn that her mate is the pack loner, not her handsome fiancé. Zander Underwood is a man on a mission: he is determined to mind his parents’ murder, even if it means breaking his own heart and abandoning his mate. As Cleo learns more about the dark forces that haunt the wolf packs, she will be forced to choose between the life she has always imagined and the enticing pull of man as mysterious as he is handsome.
The Alpha's Reluctant Mate is created by Katrina Guerin, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Dragon's Coveted Wife

The Dragon's Coveted Wife

He leaned down and kissed her, pressing his full lips against hers. Her body shook with the sensation of him against her. A dormant desire roared to life inside of her. She wanted more. She wanted him. With a small moan, she twisted until she was pushed against his chest. His hands skimmed her waist and she kissed him deeper, her tongue thrust into his mouth.
He kissed her back hungrily. She tasted of roses, fresh air, and something earthy he couldn’t identify. He was taken back by the power of her kiss. He had kissed many women in his time but none that made him feel quite like this. He pressed her into the bedpost, holding her body hostage between hers and it. Elric knew they should stop. He hadn’t come in here for this but could he walk away?
After beautiful village girl Saffron heals a wounded dragon, she will be thrown into a world of gleaming palaces and dangerous secrets. While battles rage around her, Saffron will face a harrowing choice: return to her simple life or allow herself to be engulfed by the burning passion of the dangerous and intoxicating Dragon Prince.
The Dragon's Coveted Wife is created by Lauren Rutherford, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
A Marriage of Alphas

A Marriage of Alphas

Harper Cole has been preparing her whole life to become her pack’s next Alpha. When her father gives the title to her youngest brother, Harper will proposition a fellow Alpha with a fake marriage, hoping to reclaim her position as heir.
Asher Black, Alpha of the Rising Moon Pack, is struggling to lead his Pack and get rid of his controlling uncles when he is offered a strange proposition from a beautiful young wolf. As Harper and Asher fight to secure their positions, their fake relationship will be tested…as will the growing feelings between the two.
“Prove it.” Julius says.
“What?” Prove what? Why is it so hard for them to understand I’m getting married?
“I don’t believe this is real,” Dean agrees, adding fuel to Julius’s fire.
I glance at Harper, nervous. I knew this was going to happen. They’ve figured out straight away this is fake. Did we not appear in love when we entered the room?
“Of course, it’s real,” Harper smiles at me.
She gives me a look, indicating she is either going to do something good or bad. She grabs me by the collar of my shirt and pulls me towards her. From instinct I close my eyes and commit to the pretend relationship. Our lips brush each other’s, and I can taste strawberry. They’re soft, warm and inviting. I hope it appears that sparks are flying around the room.
“Like I said,” Harper smiles wide, “We’re getting married, and I’m leaving tomorrow.”
A Marriage of Alphas is created by Chloe Higgins, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Riding with the Pack

Riding with the Pack

Cyrus’s lips met mine, and in an instant, a rush of desire overpowered my senses. I kissed him back, opening my mouth a little to let his tongue in. Our hands finally released one another, and I placed both of my hands at his jaw. He grabbed my hips, and soon I was straddling him.
I pulled away for a second. “I assume this is against the rules?”
He responded by pulling me back to him, kissing me harder. Adrenaline swept through me. I let out a soft moan as his rough hands traveled under my jacket to the bare skin on the small of my back. My hands soon found their way underneath his shirt and my finger traced over every muscular crevice they could find.
Another moan escaped from my mouth as his lips made their way to my neck. When he reached my ear he whispered, “Tell me you’re real.”
When Harlow’s car breaks down outside of Gnaw Bone, New Mexico, she’s not expecting that the incredibly attractive man who comes to her rescue is part of a motorcycle club—let alone that he is a werewolf! But at the opportunity to start anew, far away from her less-than-squeaky-clean past, Harlow decides to stick around and gets a job at the local bar. Things are especially complicated as Harlow falls for Cyrus, the Beta of the Bone Hills Howlers while befriending and working for his sworn enemies, the Blood Dogs. But can Harlow and Cyrus bridge the gap between their two rival packs…or will their passion force them to break every rule?
Riding with the Pack is created by Sharp Ink., an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Princess and Her Werebear

The Princess and Her Werebear

With the world crumbling apart during another war, Eliana is tasked to bring two nations together through marriage. Plans change drastically when her caravan is attacked by assassins and she is forced to go on the run. While fleeing assassins, Eliana will meet Jasper, a young werebear searching for the love of his mate.
As Eliana discovers that her lineage holds a dangerous secret, she will be faced with the magnetic attraction she feels for Jasper, a member of the race responsible for killing her mother.
“Jasper’s entire body tenses, his heart twisting as Eliana’s words hit him. The slight shift of her expression gives away her thoughts. There is an anguish that takes hold of Jasper’s spine.
Why do I feel this way? Why am I hurt? She is a stranger. She broke into our house. Why does her opinion matter so much?
As the thoughts swirl around in his mind, he continues to forget that he is holding the intruder up, his arms wrapped tightly around her torso. The word that shattered his resolve earlier, does so once more.
The Princess and Her Werebear is created by Sierra Christenson, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
A Wolf's Instinct

A Wolf's Instinct

"Luna! Don't!" Clell screamed helplessly.
"I am done being a coward, Clell. I'll protect you. I love you so much! I'm sorry."
Luna Bleiz, a practicing lawyer specializing in abuse, wants to forget her roots—her werewolf kind, and the pack she belonged to. It was all going according to plan... until the day she accidentally met Clell Zion Hemene.
Clell Zion Hemene is the sole heir of the Hemene's businesses and corporation and the next alpha of the Winter Pack. His days are full of responsibilities and duties, and he barely has time to think about find-ing a mate as he stays focused on his goal—for his pack to thrive and be victorious. But he never expected to meet a girl in the middle of the woods—and he wasn’t prepared to be instantly enthralled by their powerful connection.
But with neither one wanting to reveal their true identity to the other, will they take the leap and open up to their blooming romance—or cut the strings that tie them together?
A Wolf's Instinct is created by Yana E., an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author
Bound to the Vampire's Heir

Bound to the Vampire's Heir

When Lavinia Devon is chosen to be fed on by Isaac Astor, the cold and charming heir to a Vampire Empire, she prepares for the worst: a painful end at the hands of a cruel aristocrat. But something about Isaac can’t help but entice her and she finds herself falling for the bloodthirsty young man, coming to realize there is more to him be-neath the icy surface.
“Lavinia shivered almost imperceptibly. Isaac leaned back from her, clearly satiated that he had finally gotten a reaction.
‘Something wrong?’
‘No,’ she said flatly, forcing herself to look back up. ‘Not at all. You overestimate your effect, Astor.’
‘Is that so…Lavinia Devon, I look forward to breaking you.’”
Bound to the Vampire's Heir is created by A.D.R. Brown, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
The Alpha and Her Hunter

The Alpha and Her Hunter

“She knew she should probably get up and do…something. Anything other than lie here in her arms but she didn’t want to. She told herself it was to keep him warm, but it was something else. Everywhere his body touched hers, flickers of electricity raced against her skin.
Instead, she would stay nestled against him, his unlikely savior.”
Willow Bittermane is a beautiful and aloof cafe owner in a small, semi-remote village in northern Montana. She and the female members of her family are shapeshifters, turning into wolves when the need arises. The town has legends of these “women who run with wolves” but most believe they are just stories. Willow’s life changes when she meets Garin, a handsome man who seems to despise her from their first meeting. He has an irresistible scent, though she is horrified to discover that he is a descendent of the Red Hoods, a family that has hunted her kind for generations. Despite these differences, the two are drawn together and with each other, they fight against the years of blood between their families.
The Alpha and Her Hunter is created by Lauren Rutherford, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.
Her Forgotten Mate

Her Forgotten Mate

When Eliza takes a position as a healer in the Red Timber Wolves Pack, she has no idea that she is close to the man who once stole her heart. James, the devoted Alpha, is shocked to see Eliza, the simple country woman who broke his heart three years be-fore. James still loves her, and is shocked to discover that Eliza does not remember him, their engagement…or their passionate love affair.
“James just could not understand. She remembered everything of their story, of their short life together. Elizabeth remembered their meeting, she remembered everything he’d told her, she even remembered the name he’d given her to call him.
But why, when the first thing she had ever known about him was how he looked, could she not remember his face?
James thought of jealousy at the persona he had created in her mind, of the wolf that now had a life of its own and an identity different to him. A wolf that now commanded Elizabeth’s loyalty even after years of absence.
A wolf that, apparently, no longer looked like him.
James felt a rush of irrational jealousy for his past self, his self that could act without consequence, that could love his mate without fear.
James stopped Elizabeth’s path, turned her to him and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply.”
Her Forgotten Mate is created by Hannah Tatum Reading, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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