Forced Marriage With The Ruthless Alpha

Forced Marriage With The Ruthless Alpha

Loner Hades

346.2k Words / Completed


    All her life, Caroline used to believe werewolves are fantasy creatures. Not until her 18th birthday was Caroline told that she was adopted and to make her feel worse, she was adopted into a werewolf family. More importantly, she was her stepbrother's Mate and her stepbrother is an Alpha. Just when Caroline was blending into the situation, she was found by a man who told her he is her real cousin.
    She was also told her identity as a Lycan- werewolf's most hated enemy and the only way to live is to escape.
    What happens after Cara found out that her mate's grandfather is the one that murdered her parents? Although her mate is one of the leaders in the academy, what if other leaders did not accept Lycans? Will Caroline run from the academy or will she fight against them to be with her mate?

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