The Alpha King's Runaway Puppy

The Alpha King's Runaway Puppy


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"I won't marry you, it's just an accident."
I buried my face in my hands, trying to block out the sight of the Alpha's strong, naked body next to me. He had just proposed, but I didn't even know his name. What the hell had I done last night after getting drunk?
"Accident? You are my mate. Didn't you feel that?" He gripped my hand tightly, his eyes burning with danger.
"No, that's impossible..." I exclaimed in panic.
Because I was a wolfless Omega.
Harper Laurier was one of the daughters of the Slivergray Pack Alpha, but not the real one. As a wolfless Omega, she was nearly isolated and bullied by the entire pack. Heartbroken and battered, she decided to leave the pack and find a way to awaken her wolf. But an accident brought this ordinary 18-year-old girl's life into contact with the first prince of the Werewolf Kingdom.
The dangerous and charming prince claimed to be her mate and asked for her hand in marriage, but Harper didn't feel it at all.
Should she promise him? Or should she live a life uncontrolled by anyone?
As the first heir to the Alpha King, countless assassination attempts left Wyatt Elliot cold and paranoid. He decided to trust no one, and nothing could stop him from ascending to the throne.
However, a girl suddenly entered his life and opened his long-frozen heart. Her fatal attraction told him she was his mate. He couldn't wait to make her his own, but she was unaware of the mate bond and even tried to run away from him.
How would Wyatt treat the first girl to reject him?
Should he forcefully possess her or gently win her trust and heart?

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    One new chapter done!!! The elder knows everything🥸

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    Chapter 61 is updated today! Wyatt finally found out Harper's identity. What would they do?

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  • Sammy

    I got to the end of the 13th chapter and could not go any further. The FL is frustratingly stupid and annoying. The storyline is poorly written. It's an extreme slow burn and highly drawn out making the book become boring. What a waste!

    06/28/2023 22:01
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    The chapter updated today is Chapter 56--A WITCH SHOULD NEVER MESS UP WITH A WEREWOLF. Hope you enjoy the story🥰

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  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    JUNE Wow. This book is very interesting. I don't why one can sense his mate but the other can't. But it's also strange and unbelievable that no matter what the other person is not feeling, the other party is willing to help his mate to also feel the amazing bond. It was an accident that these love birds met. But also i believe it is by fate. I just hope they can withstand all the tribulation that may come.

    06/27/2023 08:50