My Stay With The Alpha

My Stay With The Alpha

Domunique White

394.4k Words / Completed


"Do what?'', I asked nervously. Damn, I am getting wet having him so close to me.
He smirks and says, "lick you up and down".
Before I can respond he lifts me place me on the counter snugs between my legs and starts kissing and licking me.
His tongue reaches my neck and I shiver. I grew wetter than I already was.
My body was getting hot, my common sense was gone, and I moved my bottom half closer to him.
Hinting to him that I want his fingers inside me. And he did just that, he slid one finger into me. As I got lost in the pleasure, he slid another finger into me.
"AHHHH...HARDER'', lost in the pleasure, I was on the verge of begging for more.
After her divorce, Cleo promised herself that she was done with men. And because of her history, she is determined to stay away from shifters as well. She didn't want a relationship or friendship with a man or a shifter.
However, her best friend Jazz just so happens to be mated with a shifter. A shifter who is the Beta of the most feared pack in America. For some reason, Cleo is drawn to the brother of her best friend mate. As fate will have it a fire happened. Leaving Jazz and Cleo to stay with the Alpha and Beta.
Valenzano wanted his mate for many years. One day he meets his mate who is human. A human who has a bad past with shifters. To not scare her away from him, West and her best friend Jazz keep it a secret that Cleo is Valenzano's mate.
Will Cleo be willing to be Valenzano's mate?
Read the spicy story to find the answer.
Reader description is advised this book contains, strong sexual content, strong language, and violence.

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  • Reader-090618

    interesting story, but really impossible to enjoy it due to a lot of mistakes and unprofessional writing

    08/22/2023 20:08
  • John Robinson

    #bookmegasale I am really interested in this story from the description and reading the beginning. It draws you into the story and you really feel for the main female character. As it's an ongoing story hope it's regularly updated as I want to know what happens next.

    06/25/2023 09:34
  • Elder Nameaka Roney

    Iā€™m so glad you added more to the ending. I was so unhappy and disappointed with the ending before.

    06/19/2023 10:07
  • tati

    i never have enought bonus to unlock good partss goddd šŸ˜®ā€šŸ’Ø

    06/06/2023 19:10
  • Domunique White

    thanks for reading everyone! I have a new book out please add it to your reading list!

    05/24/2023 00:15
  • IceQueen

    qwer yes yes and I can't stop reading lol I have not left my chair all day

    05/23/2023 17:10
  • Martial Flor

    qwer absolutely LOVE this book (I started it a while ago), but the really short chapters are so annoying šŸ˜‚

    05/22/2023 11:21
  • Reader-915774

    qwer really liking this book so far ā€¦ added to my list!

    05/21/2023 19:14
  • Michelle Duffin

    qwer so close then a x walking in. Trouble ahead.

    05/21/2023 19:05
  • Michelle Duffin

    qwer enjoying the story build up so far.

    05/21/2023 13:33