The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within

The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within

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298.8k Words / Completed


Warning! Mature Contents!
"You belong to me, Sheila. I alone am capable of making you feel this way. Your moans and body belong to me. Your soul and your body are all mine!"
Alpha Killian Reid, the most dreaded Alpha in all of the North, wealthy, powerful and widely feared in the supernatural world, was the envy of all other packs. He was thought to have it all... power, fame, wealth and favor from the moon goddess, little was it known to his rivals that he has been under a curse, which has been kept a secret for so many years, and only the one with the gift of the moon goddess can lift the curse.
Sheila, the daughter of Alpha Lucius who was an arch enemy to Killian, had grown up with so much hatred, detest and maltreatment from her father. She was the fated mate of Alpha Killian.
He refused to reject her, yet he loathed her and treated her poorly, because he was in love with another woman, Thea. But one of these two women was the cure to his curse, while the other was an enemy within. How would he find out? Let's find out in this heart-racing piece, filled with suspense, steamy romance and betrayal.

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  • Halimat Akinde

    Amazing book, full of suspense 😅😅😅. I'm reading it all over again!

    09/07/2023 12:43
  • CoconutPixie

    #50%offread Thea makes it easy to hate her. Sheila just needs a break, or to break something on a certain someone 😭 Tucking this away for later

    08/31/2023 14:48
  • Read Feeder

    #50%offread There’s no way I would pick Thea over Sheila even if Thea used magic on me. She’s a snake if I ever saw one. Team Sheila all the way

    08/31/2023 14:15
  • Lea Ann Clutterbuck

    Why can't he see through her .... no one likes her but him

    08/30/2023 14:43
  • Lea Ann Clutterbuck

    I can't believe they believe in that woman Thea.. she hasn't done anything for the pack nor proven herself. Sheila has proven herself over and over and the pack mostly love her and why hasn't she shifted yet to show herself? why can't they see she is the one?

    08/28/2023 07:21
  • Monica Rodriquez

    this book was just soooo good I couldn’t take myself away

    08/26/2023 16:02
  • Angie Chavez Swofford

    who’s the writer??

    07/08/2023 02:57
  • Isabelle Desaulniers

    Something doesn't add up. Killian saw that Sheila's wolf is white. How did he not understood that SHE is THE white wolf ?!? And Valerie must know it too...

    06/09/2023 19:14
  • Isabelle Desaulniers

    She almost died and now he stayed with that shore !! I HATE him !!

    06/07/2023 03:32
  • Isabelle Desaulniers

    Too bad Sheila can't reject him, that unfaithful jerk ! 🤬🤬🤬

    06/07/2023 02:09