The Delta's Daughter

The Delta's Daughter


817.9k Words / Completed


In a realm set in the future, where the human race has fallen and shifters now rule, comes the epic adventure and tale of The Delta’s Daughter.
Born on the same night as the Kings son, Prince Kellen; Lamia Langley, daughter to the Royal Delta of The New Moon pack (royal pack) bares the mark of a royal and is a seemingly ordinary wolf, until she shifts at the age of 14 and by 15 becomes one of the strongest wolfs in the kingdom.
All Lamia ever wanted was to serve her prince, become a warrior, find her mate at 18 and live happily ever after.
Growing up together and sharing a rare and special goddess given bond, everyone is sure Lamia and Prince Kellen will be fated mates. Being given the opportunity to go to the Alpha academy, Kellen and Lamia fall in love and they hope they are fated like everyone thinks.
But the fates have already mapped out her future.
What happens when a wolf from the Kings past has his eye on Lamia?
Follow this epic tale of Love, tragedy and betrayal as Lamia starts to discover her family heritage. Will her family’s forgotten heritage and secrets become more than she can handle?
Will her Prince become her mate or will she be fated to another?
Will Lamia rise to become the wolf the goddess’ fated her to be?
For a mature audience

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  • Ashley Garganeous

    can’t wait for the next update! this series has me on edge! haven’t been able to put it down!

    09/16/2023 00:15
  • kitty

    this book has a chock hold on me 😭

    09/05/2023 02:58
  • Torkwase Ashiekaa

    the prince and lamina looks good together! I don't like completed love stories 😩

    09/02/2023 09:14
  • Nuage Laboratoire


    08/01/2023 10:58
  • Cheryl O'Neal

    okay I have a question if kellen's wolf and lamia's wolf were mates way back in the day thousands of years ago but because of the reasons you've given they cannot continue in this lifetime of reincarnation be made and they are now bonding lamia with Mathias does that mean that she's going to have two mates from here on out

    07/31/2023 23:51
  • Cheryl O'Neal

    okay so if Kara's mate Travis could fill her willingly having sex with someone else even though she was not marked and were not mated wouldn't lamia be able to feel Mathias f*cking other girls I mean I get that Zane felt lamia being raped because they were marked and mated but when she had felt it and then you have them kiss if you're going to change how things work you need to remember what you've previously said

    07/30/2023 00:26
  • Cheryl O'Neal

    okay yet again you made a mistake last chapter it was February air now it's December which okay yes the winter solstice is in December not February so therefore the first one was a mistake saying it was February but again proofread edit stuff like that makes it flow easier also let you remember things good idea there

    07/28/2023 03:59
  • Cheryl O'Neal

    okay no she did not find that ring in the bedside table Zane's beta giving it to him to hold on to for Zane to get to linea when they got back because he was going to give it to her during the Luna ceremony she did not find it it was given to her remember what you write just a few chapters back I don't care if according to you it was a completely different book or not remember what you write

    07/28/2023 03:34
  • Cheryl O'Neal

    okay I thought you said that bears were problem with nightshade?!?!? and then you said that he was taking belladonna. you do understand that Belladonna is nightshade right?!?!?!? just letting you know that do you research on poisons before you start same different names. and the reason I'm saying this is because well you're saying he's using Belladonna which is nightshade as a sedative but it's also a poison to them

    07/28/2023 03:20
  • Nims karunarathne

    6b2x knew beta is in command only second to the Alpha of the pack. now who’s a Delta? guess I have to add this figure out.

    05/12/2023 10:09