King of the Underworld

King of the Underworld

RJ Kane

729.8k Words / Completed


In my life as a waitress, I, Sephie - an ordinary person - endured the icy glares and insults of customers while trying to earn a living. I believed that this would be my fate forever.
However, one fateful day, the King of the Underworld appeared before me and rescued me from the clutches of the most powerful Mafia boss's son. With his deep blue eyes fixed on mine, he spoke softly: "Sephie... short for Persephone... Queen of the Underworld. At last, I have found you." Confused by his words, I stammered out a question, “P..pardon? What does that mean?”
But he simply smiled at me and brushed my hair away from my face with gentle fingers: "You are safe now.”
Sephie, named for the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, she's quickly finding out how she's destined to fulfill her namesake's role. Adrik is the King of the Underworld, the boss of all bosses in the city he runs.
She was a seemingly normal girl, with a normal job until it all changed one night when he walked through the front door and her life changed abruptly. Now, she finds herself on the wrong side of powerful men, but under the protection of the most powerful among them.

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  • alharby


    05/27/2024 13:16
  • Machelle Dye

    love the story and characters hoping there is more to come waiting very patiently for more chapters to the book

    04/13/2024 09:47
  • Ishita Sahana

    anyone have any idea when the next chapters would be released?

    02/23/2024 10:06
  • Silas LuAllen

    does anyone know if there is plan to release this in a book form?

    02/03/2024 00:13
  • Grace Adams

    when is the next book coming out? any specific release date? I have been dying waiting for it

    01/16/2024 02:54
  • monkeylover8305

    wait didn't they already go to Columbia? that's where she first met Trino, they went to a club..or was that Italy??

    01/04/2024 22:00
  • Official


    10/27/2023 06:30
  • Judy Hall

    I love the funny antics between Stephie and all the guys and how they each have their own relationship & connection with her.

    10/21/2023 03:58
  • Jerilyn Noble

    i think they will all find girls that are a little bit like Sephie

    10/14/2023 20:20
  • @toosweet

    One of kind

    10/12/2023 11:52