The Rogue Luna

The Rogue Luna

Oguike Queeneth

314.2k Words / Completed


I found my mate but he is already engaged.
Elena Michael had been a rogue ever since her parents were attacked and killed by the Alpha of her Pack because she possessed the Alpha gene when she was ten years. She was forced to survive and wandered all alone in the forest where her enemies couldn't find her.
Everything changed when she was captured by a neighbourhood Pack while running from those that wanted her dead but fate had another thing installed for her as the Alpha of the Pack that captured her was her true mate.
She only wanted to be around her true mate but every day that she stays in Pack puts her life in danger as the Alpha was already engaged to someone else.
Will Elena and Bernard's mate bond blossom or will he go ahead and marry the woman his parents chose for him?
Will the Pack accept a rogue as their destined Luna?

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  • goldenfox.

    Omega's are the lowest gamma are actually protectors and confidants of the Luna.

    08/08/2023 18:53
  • Maddie Wall

    a1s3 omg don't like this beta guy man you can clearly see she's malnourished and he grabs her like that but go doctor for stepping in against a superior he is officially my favourite

    04/17/2023 11:41
  • Danielle Fernandez

    hope you finish the next part soon! I loved the book and want to keep reading!

    04/16/2023 23:36
  • Reader-334990

    soooo I’ve read these books enough to know when a book may be a copy. I hope this isn’t the case but rogue is spelled wrong in the cover for this book and it looks like another author’s name has been cut off. Also, there are so many grammatical errors I’m questioning everything.

    04/14/2023 09:38
  • Mary Perry

    please find someone else for her

    03/21/2023 06:36
  • Mary Perry

    I hope she reject him. he childed

    03/18/2023 23:48
  • Mary Perry

    they don't talk to each other

    03/08/2023 17:42
  • Layla Fortuna


    01/10/2023 02:32
  • Layla Fortuna

    do you have this story in another platform?

    01/09/2023 04:29
  • Layla Fortuna

    when is there going to be an update?

    01/09/2023 04:26