A Witch's Destiny

A Witch's Destiny

E.J Bennett

64.1k Words / Ongoing


He began to move within her with a fierce passion that caught her off guard. In a spontaneous moment, he turned her onto her stomach and pressed against her back, sliding between her cheeks. Their bodies matched perfectly, and he rocked against her gently, sweat perspiring down her chest. But he swiftly turned her over again, and this time she wrapped her legs around him as he plunged deeper into her. Divina arched her back in ecstasy as he moved faster and faster, his dark eyes intense as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed. And then, something incredible happened. Their bodies began to levitate, several meters above the bed. But the handsome stranger didn't falter, and moments later, Divina was caught in a wild orgasm. But as she felt herself falling, a voice from deep within told her to wake up.
In a summer filled with haunting dreams and hidden truths, Divina's world teeters on the edge of darkness. As she unravels her mother's enigmatic past, she is drawn deeper into a realm of unknown forces. With danger closing in, Divina must race against time to uncover the secrets that threaten her very existence. Will she triumph over the shadows, or will her quest unleash a cataclysmic outcome?

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  • Crystal Bryan

    this book says ongoing but the comments start in feb/march and it's only at 45 chapters... is this book complete? or abandoned? I want to know before I start reading and get hooked.

    07/13/2022 06:10
  • Valerie Soundy

    I read The Witches Destiny. is there a second book out? An if so we’re can I get it?

    04/02/2022 19:08
  • MinnieMew

    Sounds very intriguing I can not wait to start reading

    03/12/2022 00:01