The Silver Hope

The Silver Hope


261.1k Words / Completed


I touch my necklace. Nothing is known about my biological parents. I only have this necklace as an heirloom. The pendant is shaped into a crescent moon with a star on the tip where a diamond lays in the center. Engraved on it is some writing I can't read. Just like my pendant, I also have a crescent-shaped birthmark with a star on my hip. My mom said it might go away in time like most birthmarks do. Mine seems to have become more prominent over the years. I sometimes imagine it sparkles.
The wind picks up suddenly, swirling around me and I smell it. The scent of fresh cut grass and wood shavings. Two of my favorite things.
"Do you smell that, my child? Follow it," says a woman's voice.
I sat there thinking against it. The first time I heard voices, I freaked out my mom. She wanted me to see a psychiatrist because hearing voices isn't a good sign. I explained they were guiding me to do things. My mom said, "Ok, but before you do whatever these voices tell you to do, sit down and think before you do. AND, if it becomes too much to handle, tell me so we can go see an expert." So far, whatever I hear, hasn't gotten me into trouble. So why not follow that scent? As the wind picks up again, I jump off the fence and follow the scent.
What will Hope find? Is she ready to learn the truth?

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  • Nina Caldwell

    #bingeread Alternating between this book and The Joy of Revenge. Both are absolutely fantastic.

    07/29/2023 09:28
  • Louise

    I'm happy to have finished this book and the Wolf Enchantress. I'm crossing my fingers for another adventure as Anya will be going on her own.

    07/29/2023 09:25
  • Aubri Chapleau

    ........this means that they are first cousins. if I am reading this correctly. unless Alex is also adopted.

    07/04/2023 16:13
  • Renea Adams

    I am liking this book so far!

    06/16/2023 01:27
  • Urban

    I have finished the book and I am greatly saddened that it had to end. 😭 This is a brilliant story with many twists. I hope to see this published on paper. Thank you!

    06/09/2023 22:02
  • Michelle Wong

    I can say that this is one of the few werewolf books that I have found where both mates have mutual respect for each other. This was an enjoyable book and I hope to see more.

    04/21/2023 15:59
  • Marga Timmer-Roossien

    o9p5 nice

    04/09/2023 18:01
  • Reader-279017

    bought chapters are locked how do contact someone about this

    04/05/2023 01:00
  • Reader-731248

    #1m2n# it seems like a good plot. it Will be interesting to see how it develops

    03/30/2023 11:12
  • Julie Mejia Zertuche

    1m2n Just started this story and so far it's really good, I haven't been able to put it down. Worth the read!!

    03/30/2023 02:29