Werewolf's Heartsong

Werewolf's Heartsong


437.4k Words / Completed


The LCD screen in the arena showed pictures of the seven fighters in the Alpha Class. There I was, with my new name.
I looked strong, and my wolf was absolutely gorgeous.
I looked to where my sister is sitting and her and the rest of her posse have jealous fury on their faces. I then look up to where my parents are and they're glaring at my picture, if looks alone could set shit on fire.
I smirk at them then I turn away to face my opponent, everything else falling away but what was here on this platform. I take my skirt and cardigan off. Standing in just my tank and capris, I move into a fighting position and wait for the signal to start -- To fight, to prove, and not hide myself anymore.
This was going to be fun. I thought, a grin on my face.
*Mature Audience Only: Contains mature luangege, sex, abuse and violence*

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  • Donnal Alvarez

    it getting tired of the tournaments

    02/21/2024 20:49
  • Kate Vanhook

    I love this book so much. I also love your author notes. they make me laugh because it is so relatable. my animals would mess things up or distract me and I'm constantly adulting

    01/07/2024 03:04
  • Olympe Jacquel

    Is it just me or this style of writing is way too stuffy? The dialogues don't sound like dialogues and the descriptions are either unsuited for a 1st person POV or too wordy... A shame, 'cause the general plotline seems interesting...

    12/06/2023 09:42
  • Dawn Schwarz

    great story, but would love to finish the book

    11/07/2023 14:01
  • Gianna Marie-Lynn Franklin


    11/01/2023 18:27
  • PB$

    paragraph long descriptions of the outdoors really necessary? And there are a lot of them.

    10/19/2023 02:01
  • Pam Cheek

    getting better and better

    10/09/2023 06:51
  • DJ “DJ Harris 161” Harris 161

    Word correction: 'the trainer knew all along' not 'new'

    10/03/2023 05:47
  • Sully

    when are we getting a new update 😭😭😭😭

    10/02/2023 18:37
  • lieske_tromp@hotmail.com

    I am excited to

    09/24/2023 20:33