Her Forbidden Alpha

Her Forbidden Alpha

Moonlight Muse

151.0k Words / Completed


"This is wrong..." she whimpered pleasure consuming her.
“You want me just as much as I want you, give in to your desires sweetheart and I’ll make you feel so fucking good, that you won't ever want another man to touch you,” he whispered huskily making her core throb.
That was what she was afraid of, that when he was done with her, she would be left broken
Scarlett Malone was a feisty headstrong young she-wolf, blessed by the moon goddess as the first Alpha Female.
Moving to a new town with her mother to start afresh, they were welcomed into a new pack and a new family. Things became complicated when she begins to feel attracted to her handsome, smart, and cocky stepbrother, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack.
Will she be able to overcome the illicit thoughts that consume her mind and awaken a pleasure deep within her? or would she push even her own boundaries and explore the forbidden feelings that burned within her?
Elijah Westwood, the most popular boy around, and one every girl wished to have a taste of. A player who didn’t believe in love, nor mates. He was twenty-one and was in no rush to find his fated one, enjoying life as he was, with no shortages of women to bed.
What happens when he returns home only to find that he’s begun to see his step-sister in a new light? Knowing that when the mating ceremony came, she would find her mate.
Will he fight against everything for her, or would he let her go?

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  • D Coneghan

    excellent book-- couldn't put it down but then was sad I finished it 😥 sooo looking forward to reading more of this author's work 🤗

    05/10/2023 04:47
  • Ashley Haasnoot-de Heer

    love this story

    04/21/2023 20:25
  • Debbie Cuza

    p5m8 I really enjoyed this story! Its a forbidden love story with lots of twists and turns as the FL conquers her past and her identity! I love her strength and the chemistry beret he ML and the FL

    04/17/2023 07:04
  • Bianca Yetzke

    p5m8 I’m enjoying this story so far. added to my library. I’m excited to read more of this book.

    04/02/2023 22:39
  • Jules Marie

    p5m8 I really enjoyed this story. It actually has sequels. It I'd captivating from start to finish. Love the strong female lead. Well done author.

    04/02/2023 16:06
  • Jan T

    p5m8 #p5m8 interesting introduction and exciting plot. the story is captivating from the get-go. I'm adding this story to my library and I can't wait to start reading

    04/02/2023 11:59
  • Reader-731248

    p5m5 I think the plot seems quite good, and it will be very interesting to see how the story develops.

    04/02/2023 11:07
  • Kitty-694016

    p5m8. I am really liking strong female characters that stand up for themselves even against mates/alphas. Need to read more!

    04/02/2023 08:59
  • John Robinson

    p5m5 It's nice to have a strong alpha female, it makes a change and will continue to read to see where the story goes. So far so good.

    04/02/2023 07:56
  • Lynn Johnson

    p5m8 - just started and can't wait to finish. When will you add Her Cold Hearted Alpha and Her Destined Alpha to Readink.

    04/02/2023 07:49