Alpha King's Mate

Alpha King's Mate

Jessica Hall

113.3k Words / Ongoing


Can't believe the Moon goddess my own great great great grandmother would curse her own grandson to a life of misery. Blessings are what they say mates are, mine are a curse. Before I knew how badly mates could destroy you, tear apart your soul, I craved mine. Craved finding my other half, now I know better. Mate’s are a distraction one I couldn’t afford, yet here I am still searching for my little white wolf knowing I will be damned when I finally catch her, that I will once again have to tear off another piece of my soul when I am forced to kill this one too.
Mate’s are no blessing and the Moon Goddess, well I have given up on her, my mother is a pure hybrid a direct descendant of the Moon goddess herself, making her the hybrid Queen until she handed her title to me stepping down, now I am the cursed Alpha king. My father was a werewolf so the only good thing I got out of my mother being a hybrid was being the ultimate predator, luckily I was also blessed with a wolf. My twin sisters were like my mother, just hybrid's, no wolf's no shifting, my younger brothers were like me though, tends to run in the female side the hybrid genes. I only craved blood in wolf form, my sisters craved it all the time.
I won't stand for betrayal and having to kill her destroyed me. Yet now my grandmother has decided to fiddle with the Fates again and give me another dud for a mate. A second chance mate and this one has been eluding me for months now.
Book 4 hybrid Aria series but can be read as standalone

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  • Shamma Aboobacker

    JKG92X I liked the story in the beginning but not sure if it’s because I am not getting time to read it in a flow, too many breaks in between, but now the story seems depressing. after our long stressful day just looking forward to mystery and romance and humor and thrill. hope the story shifts in that line soon. personally I don’t like the concept of ladies treated as slaves or disrespected in any way. although if it ends with realization of a romance, that’s cool.

    04/10/2023 16:13
  • Sanna Vårvik

    r2e9 måste nog hitta även föregående böcker

    04/09/2023 14:18
  • Linda Strandquist

    r2e9 wow this is book four. now I have search out book 1 to 3. sounds sad having to kill your mate how often can your soul handle that

    04/09/2023 03:51
  • Megan Phillips

    r2e9 i love reading books by Jessica hall, she has a way with writing that just pulls you right in.

    04/09/2023 01:11
  • Reader-472492

    r2e9 the introduction has caught my attention. seems like a interesting story and I’m happy that it is apart of a series. I’m going to start with book 1

    04/08/2023 22:33
  • Rafael

    #r2e9# I like the introduction. so far from that and the comments it seems a interesting story. I think is going to have many twists and I like the unexpected. so I will read soon to see what is going to happen

    04/08/2023 21:03
  • Jenna Mc Augustine

    r2e9 why is she running? I thought the mate bond made them want to be together. she knows she can reject him

    04/08/2023 19:07
  • jihan

    r2e9. so far, the synopsis caught my attention. to think that he believes a gift would him make weak is tragic. , but then sometimes caring for something or someone can be used against oneself.

    04/08/2023 18:13
  • Maria Cecilia Reyes-Meliton

    r2e9 I love Jessica Hall's stories, but this one seems to be a bit too violent for me.

    04/08/2023 17:59
  • Reader-529162

    #r2e9# oh wow this story has such a tragic start… I really hope it progresses on less so…

    04/08/2023 15:23