Alpha of Alpha's

Alpha of Alpha's

Luna Liz

247.8k Words / Ongoing


"What should I do now that I have seized my prey?" He questions me, voice deep and husky whilst he inhales sharply nose buried into the flesh of my neck savouring the scent of his female. Fangs out ready to sink, ready for a bite.
"Should I devourer it?" He whispers into my ear whilst the tip of his hot tongue tastes the flavour of my burning skin. I shiver beneath him encaged under his strong body.
"I am starving my female and you look absolutely... succulent." He moans, tongue licking his lower lip as an uncontrollable need sets him on fire from within.
Deimos was neither man nor wolf. He was a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul, for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart hard as rock possessing deep scars from his battles protected by high walls. He is merciless, instilling fear within others and striving off it. He did not understand the meaning of love nor mates until he met his moon blessed. - HIM
Destined for greatness she fought tooth and claw to survive. Her past, her arduous war. The first female Alpha to have ever been born. Having no place in her pack she fought for her birthright, for her reign. She didn't know that her battle didn't end that night she won. She didn't know that her biggest bloodshed would be with her mate. Deimos. -HER
He would fight against his heart and she would fight with her soul.
1) This is a DARK-ROMANCE so if you are not comfortable with these kinds of books please don’t read. You have been warned!
2) There is NO rejection or second chance mate in my books.
3)The male species in my books are DOMINANT over females as their world follows a certain hierarchy. Their world is very different from our human world with different values and ethics. So don’t compare them and tell me certain scenes are abusive as I do my best to portray animal behaviour and they will be rough and tough.
4) The Alpha female protagonist in this book will submit to her mate at certain times. If you want to see a female protagonist who is unrealistically ‘always strong and never breaks’ please go somewhere else instead of writing comments saying your disappointment, hate, and annoyance. I don’t want to read hate comments on my characters AT ALL.
5) My protagonists are full-grown mature adults. NOT children. If you want to see them always happy, never fight, and live in la-la land all the time this book is NOT for you.
6) Do not copy my book, I will find you and report you and take legal actions! Authors put in a lot of hard work for their readers.
7) You must be at least 16 and older to read this book, it is a mature book meant for adults and not young readers.
8) Constructive criticism is accepted but any mean comments will be deleted!
9) Please be nice to other readers as well, their opinions are theirs, no need to push your thoughts on to them.
Alright, done! Now enjoy the ride babes ❤️

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  • Lauren Degnan

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  • Gojos Purple Queen

    I absolutely loved the warnings and how,,, well realistic they are. I love when an author is like that realistic yet entertaining. even in fiction ppl tend to expect the dumbest shyt to be real then say the dumbest shyt! I realized ppl do tht bc they’re lame, slow, have no voice or presence irl so they take on fiction life and when the author doesn’t write what they want lol they go crazy. if thts you, go get a damn life or heal or both!!!

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    I'm not sure if this is the book for me, but I love your warning in the intro ❤😄👍🏼

    05/07/2023 23:17
  • Faribach

    edit: Alpha of Alphas (plural, not possessive)

    05/06/2023 06:03
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    love the book so far, why can’t I read other chapters???

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