The Wicked Alpha

The Wicked Alpha


157.9k Words / Completed


He was very angry. He was looking at me like he wants to either rape me or punch my face.
"I can expla- "
He cuts me off.
"You have been very very bad kitty. You have no idea what I've been through."
His grip on my neck tighten suffocating my food pipe.
The word brought me out of the electric shock. "Wha- "
"I’m counting till 3 if you didn't, I'll tear your clothes off - 1."
Is this really happening.
I thought he was gay.
Emara, 21 years old human who disguised herself as a man to get a job in a Multinational company.
But little she did know...
The boss is smoking hot.
He is not human.
She is his mate.
What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf will meet his Mate?
How will he react knowing his mate is a Guy not a Girl?
What will happen when the truth will flood out? Who will drown? Who will swim?


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  • Ammie Kinyon

    My brain is in TRAUMA-SHOCK... flipped INSIDE-OUT! 🤯🤯🤯 MASSIVE DARK CONSPIRACY involving DANIEL PLANNING TO KILL EVERYONE (but kill Emara LAST, 'cause he LIKES HER)! 😵THEN...*NOTHING*... WHAT THE...???😖 NOW WHAT? 😱

    07/18/2023 04:09
  • Nadia Ogle

    Emara-AS why use the same characters in both books with 2 very different lives. I liked the other book better 7 Nights with Mr Black. Should have given these characters different names.

    06/30/2023 17:04
  • Daisy Francisco

    Emara-AS This book is really interesting and kinda intriguing story, but I guess I try to read more chapters so I can really understand what’s behind the story.

    06/30/2023 13:10
  • Martial Flor

    DO NOT judge this book by its cover. it gets just so randomly hilarious, you need to be mentally prepared. At first I thought "it's different, yeah, cookie crazy, but I am not laughing yet". BOG MISTAKE: I often get a good laugh from time to time out of these books, but never have I laughed like with this one. Definitely I would NOT recommend to young adults - the content warnings are very much justified. also keep in mind that sometimes the reading is not the smoothest because of editing issues and words that make little sense (it's not unusual when the author is not a native speaker or equivalent), or sentences that seem to be missing words to form a complete comprehensive though or expression. The narrative in some parts felt almost childlike, which was a little confusing/unexpected. But if you want to forget and transport yourself mentally to a different world, and have fun, this book would definitely do it for you. Emara-AS

    06/30/2023 09:47
  • Esther Samuel

    Emara-AS I like this book.the humour and the hilarious character of the female lead is refreshing.although the sexuality is a bit intense I will keep it for later when my mind is more calm to read it

    06/30/2023 09:20
  • Aisha Ali

    Emara-AS I loved this book it was refreshing and hilarious the female lead was my favourite character I love how she disguised herself and made her mate question his sexuality it was epic

    06/30/2023 08:15
  • Debra Sykes

    Emara-AS I already had this book. I have enjoyed what I have read so far hopefully I will get the time to read the rest. I've laughed at the humour in the book.

    06/30/2023 06:14
  • Sarah Wulf

    Emara-AS The 1st page captured my attention with the list, etc. After that I didn't get the wow factor. I honestly forgot that I was reading a werewolf book, there was nothing to make me think that. Nothing that eluded to it. Seemed to need a little editing right off the bat.

    06/30/2023 05:22
  • Terri Bonomelli

    Emara-AS The book starts a little slow. It seems to have a good story. It will be interesting to see how the truth comes out and her brother's reaction to her using his identity.

    06/30/2023 02:40
  • Lori Holden

    Emara-AS. I like the intro. I had already had it in my library. I have already read the first eight chapters, they were funny. I feel for her studing issues. I love her first day of her job and meeting hopefully her mate. So far do good.

    06/30/2023 02:37