Reborn as My Ex Husband's True Love

Reborn as My Ex Husband's True Love

Freya Brooks

90.3k Words / Ongoing


In my last life, I was the scapegoat, set off Charlie's deep love for another woman, and finally ended up with a family of miserable end. After rebirth, I decided to let it go, waiting for Peiheng to file for divorce. But the development of the situation is a bit strange, how does a man who barely goes home in my last life come back every once in a while? And worried that I will betray him? "Do you believe that in the near future, you will hate me and want me to disappear?" I asked. "Don't dream." He replied, "We'll torture each other to death." I sighed, as a reborn I know that Charlie will soon meet his true love. Finally, they met, I thought freedom was only one step away from me. But he said, "Who said I want a divorce?" Not only did he not divorce, but he cared more and more about me, even his true love was abandoned!

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  • SAMC

    Such great writing. I read too quickly at every update, wanting more lol.

    09/17/2023 01:44
  • Amelia Hart

    welcome to read🥳🥳

    09/14/2023 09:03