From Ex to Next

From Ex to Next

Amelia Hart

97.5k Words / Ongoing


After being jilted, Felicia drowned her sorrows in a drunken haze and ended up clinging to the waist of a wealthy man. When people discovered her secret affair with the tycoon, they eagerly awaited her downfall and laughed at her misfortune. Little did they know that as long as she behaved obediently, she could have whatever she wanted from the tycoon. So, she decided to go with the flow and pretended to be pregnant to secure her position. One day, when it was revealed that she wasn't actually pregnant, Felicia couldn't be bothered to hide it anymore. She nonchalantly said, "I'm not pregnant, I lied to you. If you can't accept it, then let's get divorced." However, the tycoon held onto her tightly and refused to let go, saying, "It doesn't matter if you lied, just compensate me by truly getting pregnant."

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