Forced Vows

Forced Vows

Amelia Hart

485.3k Words / Ongoing


In a twist of destiny that Abigail Watson could never have anticipated, a simple job interview catapulted her into the enigmatic life as the clandestine wife of Oliver Kensington, the city's most affluent tycoon. As the sun climbed the sky, she was his devoted nanny, tenderly nurturing his two 'unacknowledged children', compensated with a salary that would make anyone envious. When night fell, she found solace in his opulent bed - taking comfort in his embrace, especially on the chilliest of nights. This dream-like existence was unequivocally perfect.
Two years flew by, and one day, Abigail Watson stepped outside with the two little treasures who affectionately called her, "Mommy!" When her true identity was unveiled, skeptics dismissed her as merely lucky and lacking any real talents. But they couldn't deny how CEO Kensington cherished her, elevating her to an unprecedented pedestal of love and respect.
However, the idyllic life took an unexpected turn when the twins' biological mother reappeared, demanding Abigail Watson 's departure from the Kensington mansion. The twins boldly retorted: "Anyone who dares send our mommy away must first get past us brothers!" In all this chaos, he remained silent, choosing instead to express his sentiments through a FaceBook post tagging Abigail Watson, accompanied by an intimate picture of their shared bed: "Darling, the bed awaits your warmth, come back home for sleep." A collective gasp echoed through their audience: "Can we even handle this intensity of life?"

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  • thajun nisha

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