Fallen for Daddy's Friend

Fallen for Daddy's Friend

Esliee I. Wisdon 🌶

339.2k Words / Ongoing


I groan, leaning my body over his, resting my forehead against his shoulder.
“Ride me, Angel.” He commands, panting, guiding my hips.
“Put it in me, please…” I beg, biting his shoulder, trying to control the pleasurable sensation that's taking over my body more intensely than any orgasm I have felt alone. He's just rubbing his dick on me, and the sensation is better than any I've been able to provide on my own.
“Shut up.” He says hoarsely, digging his finger even harder into my hips, guiding the way I ride on his lap quickly, sliding my wet entrance and causing my clit to rub against his hard-on.
“Hah, Julian…” His name escapes with a loud moan, and he lifts my hips with extreme ease and pulls me down again, making a hollow sound that makes me bite my lips. I could feel how the tip of his dick dangerously met my entrance…
Angelee decides to free herself and do whatever she wants, including losing her virginity after catching her boyfriend of four years sleeping with her best friend in his apartment. But who could be the best choice, if not her father's best friend, a successful man and a convicted bachelor?
Julian is used to having flings and one-night stands. More than that, he has never been committed to anyone, or had his heart won over. And that would make him the best candidate… if he were willing to accept Angelee's request. However, she's determined to convince him, even if it means seducing him and messing with his head completely. … “Angelee?” He looks at me confused, maybe my expression is confused. But I just open my lips, saying slowly, “Julian, I want you to fuck me.”
Rating: 18+

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  • tarrinique burrows

    I don't like being left in suspense this book toooooooo good 🥴🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈

    09/11/2023 10:41
  • PartyPatty420

    Great read so far! Some grammar issues occasionally however not bad enough to take from the story in my opinion.

    09/06/2023 01:42
  • Esliee I. Wisdon 🌶

    Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoy the book. Julian and Angel will sure conquer your heart, so thank you for giving this story a chance! ❤️🌶

    09/05/2023 09:09
  • Reader-998117

    The cover is so hot, so I added it to my list!!

    09/03/2023 18:38
  • Anita Calcetina RInk


    09/02/2023 02:41
  • Anita Calcetina RInk


    09/02/2023 02:00
  • Harley McClain

    I’m in love with this book just started it last night and read all of what’s up. can’t wait for more!

    08/28/2023 10:16
  • MichelleSB

    I'm so glad I found this book. It was a recommendation from the chats! A little daddy romance mixed with drama, age gap, love, steam, 🔥🔥 I'm obsessed! Updated almost daily! Love it so much!

    08/12/2023 19:27
  • Lizzy B.

    I’m so in love with this book! Julian is so hot, and Angel is such a sweet girl! The steamy scenes are sooo good!!! And even the sad ones makes my heart hurt. It’s a great book

    08/12/2023 19:24
  • Estrella Snijder

    #win bonus back

    08/06/2023 12:07