The Lycan's Rejected Heiress

The Lycan's Rejected Heiress

Rocky Bee

293.0k Words / Ongoing


Sometimes unanswered questions turned into curiosity, but are we expected to answer them all?”— Valeria Gomez.
Valeria Gomez had only one question, which was, ‘Why was she different from everyone around her?
Worst still, she was mated to the future Alpha of her pack, Killian Romero, who had always hated her because she was weak and thought to be a human.
She could manage and pretend she was okay, not minding the lingering stares coming from every corner whenever she passed, but to be looked upon with scorn by the one who was her mate was heartbreaking
"You should have just died instead of being a nuisance to everyone! You are worthless even to your own parents! You made them ridicule in the pack, and I won't let you make me too!"
" If I were you, I would just jump off the cliff and die!"
She jumped down the cliff and left all the unanswered questions to her curiosity.
What happened when things she didn't unexpectedly begin to unravel before her?

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  • Alice Green

    The first phase of the book will be coming to an end this month and the second phase will be introduced by next month

    08/27/2023 02:23
  • Tracey Leask

    is this still being updated?

    07/18/2023 19:59
  • Heidi Wietrzykowski

    Really great read. great job writer.

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