My Hot Daddy

My Hot Daddy

Meminger Army

160.0k Words / Ongoing


He was really eating me and started sucking my jaw down to my neck until I felt pain.
I knew the next day that area would be all purple.
He practically ripped my dress off me revealing my round breasts that jumped out of the dress, I was laughing and moaning from his contacts.
"Fucking hell, I love it..." He cooed before grabbing my left breast hard while he massaged my right breast, making me throw my head back and moan biting my lips.
"Come, please… I need you, Daddy…"I whispered.
Cassie Milans is a 19-year-old, dreamy, career-oriented young woman. She did not want to be romantically involved with any man. But on a beautiful weekend, when she went clubbing with her best friend, she met Joshua, a handsome grown divorced man who attracted her, and at the end of the night, Cassie ends up sleeping with Joshua in a night of love. Then both of them have special feelings for each other. However, at school, a guy named Mark also has a crush on Cassie. And what Cassie doesn’t know is Joshua is Mark’s father.
When will Cassie find out about the special relationship between Joshua and Mark?
When will Joshua find out his son has a crush on Cassie?
When will Mark find out that his father is in love with the same girl as him?

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