The Last of US

The Last of US


95.4k Words / Ongoing


you are my queen, and I want to kiss you now,” he said.
I’m not sure that was what I expected him to say, but I had been waiting to hear it. I smiled playfully, looking at him. “Yes, my king,” I said.
Moments, his lips were on mine. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, his hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to him; I let my arms find their way around his neck. I felt his tongue gently run along my lower lip and couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped my mouth at its touch. Von only took that as permission and slipped his tongue into my mouth; I let my tongue explore his mouth as he did the same to mine. Eventually, the kiss grew deeper, and before I knew it, I was straddling his lap in one quick motion. His hands found their way to my hair, tangled in it as he tugged it lightly in his grip. I couldn’t help moaning against his lips; a growl of pleasure came from deep in his throat.
My name is Arianna Maree Paxton however I Hate that name my parents gave me that name, after my , great-great grandmother. So I go by Ari. you see my parents are hardly that they hate me in every way possible. I am only here to be their slave and plaything, otherwise they probably would of killed me a long time ago. My family belong to a pride of snow leopards well now were more of a group then a pride most of us have died out. I have a feeling my species will be coming to a end soon and the worst part of it is that we will die with such a shameful legacy left behind one that I want no part of.
Were simply a small part of the shifter community, most every other shifter, magical beings live in harmony with humans and other beings. However, they do have their own rules they each follow but for the most part the respect each other, it doesn’t mean they share anything by any means. Each has their own schools, hospitals, and way of living but terrroity and lives are generally respected. However, I feel that is mostly in part to fear of the Royal family.
However my species is dying out because they have lost their way , when you force your leopard to do horrid things it will eventually leave you , which was what was happing all around me , when that happens you can no longer find a mate , and usually you lose your mind. Without mates we can no longer reproduce hence the feeling of the end coming soon. Or at least I thought that was the reason I have that feeling but I kind of feel like something bigger is on the way.

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    I have decided that this book will be turned into a series and I am currently working in book 2 while updating this book as well

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    I love this book ❤️

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    love this story

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    I love that you used snow leopards. ❤️

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