Entangled with the Bullies

Entangled with the Bullies

Angel Steele

33.6k Words / Ongoing


Played by four bullies
“S-stop,” I said trying to get him to stop. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to fall into their trap and be their little toy again. This is the opposite of laying low.
He chuckled darkly and picked up speed with his fingers sending me over the edge in no time. I gripped his hair so hard as I came all over his fingers. As soon as I got down from my high, he let go letting my fall to the ground. I could hear him licking his fingers in the dark.
“Don’t do that again. I am not the same girl I used to be.”
He chuckled again as he started to open the door. “Mine,” was all he said as he left out the door.
Several years ago, I was trapped by four bullies. Zander, Saint, Royal and Cyrus. I am their little toy. They can play me at their will.
Now, I am back and get in the same university with them again.
Zander is the football captain, Cyrus is a basketball player. Saint and Royal are also campus stars.
Should I stay away from them or enjoy playing with them? Or revenge on the boys bullying me?

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  • Bronwyn Cohen

    are there going to be updated chapters for this book

    09/10/2023 05:02