Devil’s Saints: Taz

Devil’s Saints: Taz

amy worcester

370.3k Words / Completed


“I started boxing lessons with the boys when I was twelve, I had some issues to work through. I’ve been in the fight for the last eleven years.”
Twenty-three, he thought. That was too young for his thirty-nine years. But he sure as hell planned to enjoy the view. She currently hid her body under baggy clothes, but he was willing to bet that she was all muscles underneath. He had dated the soft curvy women before, he liked the ones that he was certain that he would not break.
“How old were you when you moved in with Brute?”
“Seven. Right after my parents were killed.” She said softly and he froze just before the stairs. Sixteen years ago. Right around the time he reenlisted with the Army. When the club went straight. When the Ridgeview president, Sinner, his wife and sons had been shot to death. And his daughter barely survived.
The only survivor from that day.
“I'm sorry.” He murmured and she shrugged.
“I’m trying to remember you.”
He was so much like the men that she grew up around. The kind of man that she swore she would avoid. The same type that her father had been,there were even tattoos on the backs of his hands.
***Jasmine was born and raised in the Devil’s Saints Motorcycle Club. A rival club caused the deaths of her family. After an incident at the mother house, she stepped away to focus on her MMA career under the name Taz.

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