Loving a Mobster

Loving a Mobster

Young Whiter

70.2k Words / Ongoing


Kissing a mobster I don’t know
Filipe was already in his position, with an alpha-male posture and an air of pure sensuality.
I walked the whole way looking at him, seeing every detail of his body and observing his muscles hidden in a black social blouse.
He was the most expensive of balms and his body was the most well-sculpted thing I had ever seen. I felt as if my body had taken a shock when I stopped in front of him and our eyes automatically connected for the fourth time.
"Are you no longer afraid, Mia?" He whispered.
I shivered as soon as I felt his warm breath on my neck and his deep voice in my ear.
Giulia Ghin is a successful and well-settled woman. Her best friend is getting married and invites her to the wedding. She begins to realize that the family of her friend's fiancé is anything but ordinary and takes it as proof when she meets the head of the Savaio family.
Filipe Savaio a mobster with a dark past becomes obsessed with Giulia as soon as he meets her. He is charmed by the fact that she is not afraid of him and lives to defy him.
Both will have to overcome the past that torments them, the prejudice of the family, and all opposition.

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  • Katherine Pearl Baldwin

    I am loving this! it’s incredible. definitely has me hooked.

    07/08/2023 21:21