The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate

The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate

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199.5k Words / Completed


-WARNING-This story may contain content that some may find disturbing.
“If you can’t satisfy me with your mouth, then you’ll have to satisfy me some other way.”
He ripped off her flimsy clothing and tossed the shredded fabric aside. Visenya panicked as she realized exactly what he was implying.
“Let me try again…with my mouth. I think I c...”
“Quiet!” His voice echoed off the walls of his bedchamber, silencing her on the spot.
This wasn’t the way she had imagined her first time would be. She pictured passionate kisses and gentle caresses from a man who loved and cherished her. Lucian wouldn’t be loving, and he certainly didn’t cherish her either. She had been cursed with a mate who was bent on revenge, wanting nothing more than to watch her suffer.
Ten years had passed since Dragons ruled over the world…since Visenya took her place as Lycan Queen. Vampires were forced into the shadows now that hunting and enslaving humans was punishable by death. The world was finally at peace…until Dragon Lord, Lucian woke from his induced sleep to discover that his entire race had been massacred by Visenya’s father. Visenya is stripped of her kingdom and forced to live out the rest of her days as Lucian’s slave. The cruelest joke of all is, Visenya learns that the mate she has been so faithfully waiting for all these years, is none other than the vengeful Dragon Lord himself.
Consumed by their hatred for each other, is it enough to fight the intense mate bond between them? Will Lucian push Visenya to her absolute limit, just to regret it all in the end?

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  • Bee Dulany

    why is there no trigger warning here? this is a rape fantasy.

    10/06/2023 21:09
  • My Fantasy Stories

    guys!! This story is not finished yet! I’m still updating. I’m not sure where this notion of the story being complete is coming from. There are still about 8 chapters left that I need to write

    09/07/2023 20:43
  • Chloe LaGeaux

    I wish that I had known that the book wasn't complete before I started reading! The "ending" left me with a ton of questions because of the loose ends! Hopefully, there will be a sequel to answer all of the unanswered questions!

    09/07/2023 00:36
  • Sarah Boudreau

    is this story finished?

    09/06/2023 17:07
  • ogechi onwuka

    love love this book... can't stop saying it .. waiting for an update scarlet .. smiles

    08/19/2023 23:23
  • Jamaia Wilkinson

    I hope she actually leaves him and finds someone who actually deserves her, I love this book tho, I just hope it doesn’t end the same way many books with the same plot does. but your a great writer.😁😁

    08/04/2023 14:07
  • My Fantasy Stories

    Hello readers, I know this recent update took a bit longer than usual and I’m really sorry about that. I want you to know I am committed to finishing this story and have no intention to abandon it. I usually never go a week without updating but with that said I am a single mother and an ER nurse and sometimes need to give my brain a rest. I hope you one day make a career as a writer but until then, please be patient with me, I promise that I won’t leave you hanging 💜

    07/29/2023 19:35
  • Sweetwolf

    #bingeread‼️I will have to say that this story is just amazing! I don't want to give any spoilers, so I will just say that this story is very unique, with mystery &betrayal.(there's some abuse; so if you get triggered by that, be careful) Shifter story told from different views, reading from more than one perspective! You get to see flashbacks from the past, helping to understand the present. Set in the past, when we had kings & queens, castles & knights! Such a refreshing take on everything, I find myself waiting eagerly for the next chapter... Just LOVING this story! Definitely going to be one that I read more than once!!! I will definitely read any more books that you post! Love the way how I can see the story in my mind as I'm reading it! Keep up the amazing work, you should be proud of it for sure! ❤️

    07/22/2023 19:04
  • suesue

    I’m really enjoying this!! great writing. can’t wait for the next update 😊

    07/13/2023 17:45
  • Lola Ponce


    06/12/2023 02:34