Reborn (The CEO's charming wife)

Reborn (The CEO's charming wife)

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96.3k Words / Ongoing


I never thought that my husband’s uncle love me in my previous life.
After being betrayed by my husband and half-sister and losing my life in a car accident. He was the only one who come to my funeral.
Now, I was reborn, swear to take back all of my things.
And have a romance with my ex-husband's uncle.
Superstar Christiana Foreman's world falls apart when she discovers that her husband of seven years is cheating on her with her own half-sister, Donna, and has been using her money to take care of her. Devastated, Christiana tries to escape but tragically dies in a car accident.
Miraculously reborn ten years earlier, Christiana is determined to avoid the people who fooled her in the past and steer clear of men altogether.
But when her husband’s uncle, a charming and filthy rich CEO barges into her life and wanted her so much, she finds herself struggling to resist his forceful presence.
Can Christiana navigate the pitfalls of her past to build a better future, or will the mistakes of those around her continue to haunt her?

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  • Donna Boxhall

    there's a lot of books like that not edited properly

    09/11/2023 04:54
  • Beverly Jones

    BeWaRe there are at least 5 duplicate chapters and numerous conversations that repeat continuously.

    03/23/2023 04:51
  • Kelly Foreman

    this book is okay so far it's just that everybody is long-winded a lot of stuff is repeated over and over again people's name changes their gender changes who they like changes and need some editing but I'm just waiting for some action to happen instead of everybody just talk talk talk it's starting to get a little redundant

    03/06/2023 15:27
  • Eivon Ruffner

    I hope Christina ends up with Lucas won’t that piss everybody off

    02/08/2023 19:32
  • Beverly Jones

    How often do you update? When do you think the book will be finished? I hate starting uncompleted books. I end up regretting it every time!!

    02/03/2023 09:02
  • Reader-119668

    Christiana name changed to Alexa in this chapter. Rita became Kate in earlier chapeters as well.

    01/27/2023 20:26
  • Samantha Hammond

    great book! could use some editing

    01/22/2023 20:30
  • leah ashton

    sounds interesting. I wonder what changes she'll make

    01/22/2023 16:33