Meghan Barrow

133.4k Words / Completed


“I’m a human, and how can I have 4 soulmates?”
I peek through my fingers and see 4 large and beautiful wolves staring at me. One has glowing red eyes which is probably Colton, the other yellow which is probably Joel and 2 of them have glowing blue eyes which must be the twins. “Oh my god…this is amazing!”
Colton crawls down on all fours and slowly approaches with his ears tucked backwards. I reach out and slowly start stroking his beautiful and glorious dark blonde coat. His tongue sticks out and licks my face which makes me giggle. I can feel him purring and I can’t help the large grin that adorns my face.
The other wolves approached me with confident struts and started nudging my legs and licking me all over my body. I can’t believe this. They are wolves! It feels like I’m dreaming although maybe that explains why they are all so fucking hot.
Rose moves to a small town in Oregon in the middle of senior year and instantly finds herself attracted to 4 males. 2 are twins, 1 is a teacher and the other is an ex boyfriend. Overcoming her attraction is one thing but there are secrets in this town that she's eager to explore if these men will stop distracting her.
Mature content including explicit sex scenes

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  • Reader-240728

    #bingereader this is a great book. reading it for a second time.

    07/30/2023 22:51
  • Meghan Barrow

    follow me on Twitter @meghancharla where I’ll start doing updates if I’m behind on writing 😋

    05/11/2023 14:34
  • Lisa Gollahon

    I hate the ones with cheating is this one of them please

    05/07/2023 03:45
  • So So

    enjoyed this book and the characters in it! highly recommend reading it

    04/22/2023 11:25
  • Linda Strandquist

    v1z6 wow I wish I'd had that kind of first day I a new school.two so far. let's see where this goes.

    04/07/2023 02:34
  • Emily

    v1z6 I Read this book quite a while ago and it was lovely. the characters are funny and sweet and caring and their relationship awesome

    04/06/2023 17:34
  • Christin Louth

    #v1z6# I didn’t see my comment so I’ll write it again. I like that this book starts off different to some of the other books I’ve read. the teenagers seem very hormonal tho so maybe it’s not that different to other books on here 💀

    04/06/2023 17:28
  • Debra Sykes

    v1z6 I will be saving this book for later just read 1st chapter and like it so hopefully it will be good throughout

    04/06/2023 16:27
  • Vicki usher

    v1z6# what's better than 1 soul mate? answer 4. Great story, well written and some adult seen. Once you start reading you will be hooked

    04/06/2023 10:01
  • Camille VE

    v1z6 the writing style is great but thé synopsis is a but to much for me 😅 4 soulmates ? seems like a lot of trouble

    04/06/2023 09:13