The Lycan's Rejected Mate

The Lycan's Rejected Mate

Mercy Simani

274.4k Words / Completed


Anaiah Ross was abused and mistreated by members of her pack after she killed someone on her first shift, and her alpha mate, Amos, rejected and threw her in the dungeon making her heart shatter to pieces, she later accepts his rejection and on her eighteenth birthday, she finds a second chance mate who is non other than a powerful dangerous lycan king but Amos realises that he can't let Anaiah go.
With two men fighting for her, everything gets complicated and evil plots are revealed and Anaiah discovers her true power that will change the course of her life, and make her a target.
Will Anaiah survive the evil schemes and finds happiness with the man she chooses? Or will she drown in darkness with no way back?
Watch her rise higher!

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  • jayymiimii

    I’m already so hooked on this novel!! the chapters are too short but I enjoy every word!! keep it up it’s a great one and my imagination whoo! sometimes it gets a little hot cus the drama is sooooo good!! I wish they made novela like this one into a movie!!

    09/14/2023 21:17
  • ivory bayangan


    08/23/2023 12:54
  • AngelaCCoelho

    JUNE - These werewolf stories always confuse me, I almost never understand what they want to go through. What do you mean he rejects her and then when she finds a new mate he doesn't let her go?! It's not like that. If he rejects her, that's it. She cannot go back. But from this introduction it sounds like Anaiah's story will be intriguing.

    06/26/2023 09:54
  • Reader-431917

    JUNE I am always confused about how they talk about the mate bond being so strong and then someone just up and rejects the other as their mate like it isn’t really a big deal. sounds like an interesting story though, so I have added it to my library

    06/26/2023 08:26
  • Kobie Stroebel

    JUNE love this book

    06/26/2023 08:15
  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    JUNE I don't know why people want to reject their chosen mate. If I am to bd blessed with a chosen mate i would cherish and love him. But i think Anaiah was to be guided on her first shift. If new shifters are not guided these are one of the unfortunate incidents.

    06/25/2023 20:45
  • Chawada Musvaire

    JUNE -AS Love this book…a strong female lead always makes me happy although the abuse she’s suffered breaks my heart. Being abused then rejected would break any ware wolf’s spirit but she fights and stays strong. A truly enjoyable read

    06/25/2023 16:52
  • Akeyah Sandy

    JUNE I love the plot of this book so far at first I didn't like the fact that she got rejected but was glad she did bcuz she got a chance to get her somewhat of a better mate than Amos

    06/25/2023 16:18
  • Aisha Ali

    JUNE I hate it when the female lead is abused by her pack members it's disgusting and heartbreaking to say the least and on top of rejected by her own mate I hope she doesn't get back with him

    06/25/2023 09:49
  • icuovrthere

    JUNE I love a book with a kickass female lead. Just the intro alone makes my heart go out to the main character. I'll be adding this to my library and be sure to read the few first chapters to see if I get pulled in or not

    06/25/2023 08:22