His Burning Gaze

His Burning Gaze

Ann Moore Writing

156.5k Words / Completed


“Do you have a condom?”
“No, I don’t, but I don’t have to fuck you to make you come.”
My back to his chest with one arm around my waist massaging my breast and the other arm rising to my neck.
"Try not to make any noise.", he slid his hand under the elastic of my leggings.
Leah is a 25-year-old that was adopted. After the divorce, she was entangled with three different men.
Just before I reached the path I was grabbed and pulled into the trees.
A large hand over my mouth, a familiar scent, and a sexual heat that I couldn’t deny.
It was definitely Adrian.
Before I could get a good look at his face he spun me around so my chest was against a tree and his chest was flesh with my backside...
As he pressed his erection against my back and ran his hands over my body...
He cupped my breast with one hand and ran his other to the band of my leggings...
“You taste better than I could have imagined,” he said as I stood up to leave...

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  • Frances Carter

    this should scare her a little more… Adrian has made it known he doesn’t want to share her. why isn’t she thinking he could Lock her away

    09/05/2023 22:39
  • Frances Carter

    ugh new it was a dream honestly I just want her with Adrian ugh

    08/29/2023 05:24
  • Reader-268415

    wish I could just buy the book :(

    08/08/2023 00:52
  • Daisy Francisco

    Adrian-AS I love this book already and the first chapter is interesting and quite funny specially the characters

    06/30/2023 13:12
  • Esther Samuel

    Adrian-AS so loving this book already😁 oh she got sharp mouth and I love how the author makes some comment funny like note to younger self don't get married straight out of high school to escape your problems vos the follow you everywhere.😀 adding it to my library

    06/29/2023 11:01
  • Martial Flor

    Adrian-AS This book is so, sooo good. the kind of "good" that makes you go "yay" when you see it among the suggestions, even if you're already reading it 😂 the female lead's arc is a real , radical transformation you can only cheer for :)

    06/29/2023 08:50
  • Chawada Musvaire

    Adrian-AS Loving Jenny’s sparky personality already. She’s the breath of fresh air that her friend needs in this season. I’m enjoying the chilled vibes start to the story and the fact that I’m engaged without and drama 🥰Looking forward experiencing the story unfold and watching our girl get her groove back

    06/29/2023 08:19
  • Joele G

    This book is already in my library and 25 chapters in already. I’ve been really enjoying this story; all I can say Hot & Steamy; it does have a really good storyline and it just keeps getting better. Adrian-AS

    06/29/2023 07:59
  • Angela Aleixo

    Adrian-AS the cover is hot, the intro makes the book quite interesting. it's the first time that actually considering this book, not that i don't like this kind of book, but because i never came across with it. it caught my ey, goin to give it a try.

    06/29/2023 07:56
  • Ana

    Adrian-AS To be honest this isn't something that I usually would read as it's not really my style I'm sure it's a great read for others that like this style but in saying that I will give it a chance and read a few chapters to see how I go.

    06/29/2023 06:48