The Werelion Series

The Werelion Series

Michele Dixon

566.7k Words / Completed


"Cat, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to comfort you. Let me hold you while you sleep to keep the nightmares away." Trey hurt, feeling how scared she was, but he was determined to get her comfortable being in his arms. She was his mate, and no one would ever hurt her again.
"Only for tonight Trey. I can't allow more than that." Cat's voice was shaky, but the warmth of his body against hers felt too good for her to want to push him away.
"Cat, have you never been hugged or shown any love?"
"No, not in almost twenty years."
Cat is a human working as a nurse. Someone from her past is hunting her down, seeking revenge. Trey is a detective assigned to protect her. However, he is also a werelion, and she is his mate.
Will Trey be able to keep his mate safe from those wanting to do her harm?
Will Cat open her heart to accept his love when she has known nothing other than pain?

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  • Stephanie Duda Bidelspach

    i love these books. i keep checking back for

    12/18/2023 01:50
  • John Robinson

    #50%offered I can't praise this series and this author enough. I have read all of the three completed books in this series and am reading the ongoing story. Although some tough topics are covered, sexual abuse etc, there is always light at the end of some very dark tunnels. I love the warelion family and in particular Cat, the formidable matriarch.

    08/30/2023 09:03
  • Kisha

    was book 2 a separate book at one time? I know I've read this before or something.

    08/25/2023 01:43
  • Reader-059747

    hasn’t Emma suffered enough? I couldn’t even finishe the prequel, as I was having horrible dreams by the time I reached the “nightmare” chapter, and chickened my ass out of the book 👀

    08/24/2023 04:32
  • Reader-299086

    I think Sax didn’t mark her because once he does, it takes several days for her to recover, like his mom did.

    08/13/2023 13:26
  • Fernanda Neto

    #bingeread Normalmente leio livros de lobisomens e dragões. Leões foi uma boa surpresa. O facto de as personagens femininas se poderem transformar em leoas também foi uma boa reviravolta.

    07/27/2023 20:16
  • Bella Jersey 2

    Catherina steak lol

    07/23/2023 18:58
  • John Robinson

    #bingeread I absolutely love this series, although some of the themes included are quite dark the author always makes sure that light shines through. I would definitely recommend this series of books.

    07/21/2023 14:57
  • Bella Jersey 2

    now he’s a pervert that likes to do perverted things

    07/18/2023 22:09
  • Bella Jersey 2

    the have a mole are the team. now that makes him worse in my book. that person chose to come in gang what a sick fvck

    07/12/2023 04:04