Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Mariam El-Hafi🔥

318.1k Words / Completed


He pulled me in front of him, and I felt like I was like facing Satan himself. He leaned in closer to me, his face was so close to mine that if I moved, we would bump heads. I gulped as I looked at him with my wide eyes, scared of what he might do.
“We’ll have a little chat together soon, okay?” I couldn’t talk, I just stared at him wide-eyed while my heart was beating like crazy. I can only hope it was not mine he was after.
Althaia meets the dangerous mafia boss, Damiano, who gets drawn to her big innocent green eyes and can't seem to get her out of his mind. Althaia had been hidden away from the dangerous devil. Yet fate brought him to her. This time, he will never allow her to leave again.

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  • Lula Jones

    before I keep reading do they get back together after the miscarriage? and if so how many chapters till I get there I don’t wanna wait

    08/23/2023 09:45
  • Olivia

    so stupid what any stories is doing to Mariam like literally own up to your mistakes piece of poop trash

    08/14/2023 23:41
  • Reader-356530

    yassssss!! Do you Queen 😂😂

    08/12/2023 08:34
  • Rhoma Jenkins

    does anyone know if there is a 2nd book from the author?

    08/03/2023 19:21
  • Reader-101059

    seriously need a part 2. this has been the best book I’ve read in a long time!

    08/03/2023 16:41
  • Nichole McCasland

    #bingeread loving this book so far. impossible to put down. details are perfect and evoking all the emotions.

    07/29/2023 17:57
  • Alessia Andrea Salvalajo

    so so so intriguing! the handsome man, the secrets, the way she cope with all of it is funny yet perfect for this story! can't wait to read more #bingeread

    07/26/2023 16:34
  • KMG2911

    Your book was sooo good! Absolutely loved it. it had all the feels from having me laughing out loud to tears and everything in between. Well done!

    07/25/2023 23:00
  • Brandie Haas

    #bingeread I am enjoying this book and can’t wait to read more. this book brings out so many emotions.

    07/25/2023 22:27
  • Sharon Milton

    KMG2911 I am really enjoying this book but I feel that the chapters are to short and always end to soon

    07/25/2023 11:26