Hate War

Hate War


308.9k Words / Ongoing


His cold eyes moved from my face to all over my white dress with a clenched jaw.
"Nina is that you. You are looking beautiful. Have some drink" he said while offering a glass.
"No she is leaving," he said harshly next thing I know champagne was all over my dress staining it making me gasped.
Before I could react he gripped my hand & dragged me near the pool. I snatched my hand away from his tight grip "Why the hell you ruined my dress" I half yelled.
"What the fuck you are doing in my party looking like a slut" he yelled angrily while pinning me to the wall. My blood boiled. "Let me guess you came here to ruin my mood by showing your ugly face," he said with an angry smirk of hate.
"Stop giving yourself so much of importance. I'm here for your mom my face may be ugly but ugly souls like you are not even worthy of my life's single sec" I said angrily and pushed him away but he didn't let me go.
"I can hide my ugly soul beside this face but ugly ducklings like you carry their ugliness which can't even be hidden by beautiful dress because they stain everything around them with their ugliness" his words were hurting my soul.
With all my power I pushed him making him fall into the pool. "Happy birthday," saying that I tried to walk away but he didn't let me.
One thing was clear that day I would never want to see his face again in this life.
But I don't know why the hell I am standing in front of him in church wearing a wedding gown. Looking at his victory angry smirk plastered to his face with my glassy eyes.

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  • mybella

    the story is interesting enough I would keep reading if it wasn't for the author stretching the story by repeating the end of each chapter in the next one.

    01/16/2023 07:15
  • Starr Stone

    does anything new ever happen?

    01/08/2022 18:10
  • Jennifer Larimer

    what happened to chapter 13? I feel like I'm missing alot of info from them at the kickboxing gym to he back in her hotel room saying and that's how it ended the one moth stay. what am I missing?

    09/11/2021 20:10
  • MaryRosa

    I really like the story, but it’s extremely Repetitive. I want to see how the two main characters end up.. 40 chapters in and it’s still the same thing.. They have the same arguments about the same things, she doesn’t want him to touch her, he won’t let her go... Great story and I love the personalities of the characters, but their story doesn’t progress.

    01/28/2021 10:25