Loving Quinn

Loving Quinn

North Rose 🌹

247.1k Words / Ongoing


Quinn lets out a growl of approval before his fingers dip inside. “You are so wet for me. I want to taste you again, Annie.”
Before I have time to realize what he intends to do, Quinn sinks to his knees, hooks my legs over his shoulders, then fastens his mouth to my core. I moan loudly as he goes to work on my clitoris. He slips two of his fingers deep inside me.
With one hand gripping my desk and the other buried in his hair, I throw my head back further as he ravages me with his tongue. “Oh, fuck, Quinn.”
“Moan my name, Annie.”
Annora Winters has a great job, a comfortable home, and a loving family. Yet she feels something is missing from her life. Something she had in the palm of her hands once, but the timing was wrong for her to keep it. A love so pure that she dreams of his face more than she should.
Quinn Greyson invested well and became a billionaire before he knew what happened. Women throw themselves at him every night. With each new conquest, he feels more of his soul get destroyed. He longs for genuine love. Something he once had but lost long ago.
A chance encounter puts them on the same path once again. Tension flairs between them when a secret from their shared past is revealed. When they kiss, flames of desire erupt, and memories from the past awaken. Can Quinn and Annora find their way through the minefield that awaits them as they get to know each other again? Or will they be torn apart by a lover from his past?
18+ Mature sexual Content

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  • Reader-OU812

    (Quinn) and (Annora’s POV) imply some things to the reader. One of which is that Quinn is the more important or “lead” role. Wondering if that’s really the case. 🤔

    08/20/2023 05:38
  • letitia wood

    enjoyed so far

    08/08/2023 00:36
  • User 94

    do you know how redemption codes work?

    08/01/2023 20:49
  • Celesteam

    qurious interested to see if it picks up in chapter 2 .

    07/31/2023 15:18
  • kiran mundi

    amazing book! #bingeread

    07/30/2023 13:47
  • Katie D

    great book! #bingeread

    07/30/2023 12:47
  • Saralee Fairlane

    Where I've read up to has minimal spice and quite a drag. but reading other reviews, hopefully picks up soon #bingeread

    07/29/2023 19:07
  • Barbara Muchilwa

    I like the way the story starts and is building up. it's got some heart rending veins that promise to develop into a great story. Waiting to see how this works out.

    07/29/2023 17:31
  • Choco

    the start took me slow but I prefer slow than head over heels. I'd love to find out what happens next #bingeread

    07/29/2023 10:40
  • Dana Bradford

    I like the thought that they’re wanting this hospital so they can take care of veterans!! 🇺🇸

    07/29/2023 00:11